A beacon of hope and trust!
Krish Mohan helms Mohan's Health Care Solutions and is a renowned name in international health care circles and has built a strong reputation for offering quality services. He is trusted by his clients both domestic and international. Dynamic and well-connected, he blends together professionalism with genuine warmth that puts clients at ease.

He started his career in 1989 with a Government of India enterprise as a Medical Representative but by sheer hard work and talent moved up to the post of Area Manager.

The next stage of his career saw his role being transformed into a bigger one. He stepped into Billroth Hospitals as Senior Manager, International Patient Care Department. Under his leadership, the department flourished. He introduced many new marketing initiatives and built a powerful brand image for Billroth overseas.These have brought in many patients from different countries for treatment.

He has conducted numerous workshops, trade shows and conferences for hospitals. These have had an overwhelming response. He has travelled widely to the UAE, Sultanate of Oman, Srilanka, Maldives, Egypt, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. He has successfully facilitated the treatment of over 200 patients from various parts of the world for diverse ailments.

He holds a Masters in Psychology and has good communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. He is able to build a rapport with clients no matter where they are from and brings them the best treatment possible. No wonder that many stay in touch with him long after they go back home.

Mohan's Health Care Solutions is a professional medical tourism facilitator that operates out of Chennai. We believe in being, “The reliable connect between patients and doctors.”

Why Us?
We are a team of experienced paramedical professionals who facilitate medical tourism with a warm yet professional approach and cultural sensitivity. We realise that coping with diverse health conditions and also having to adjust to new cultural issues and a new country can be tough. We make sure all our patients feel at home by providing them the necessary comforts and services including the need for special requirements like interpreters or diet food.

Experience Speaks!
All our key professionals comewith over a decade of experience in handling patients from various countries. We have a transparent and clear policy and makesure patients are briefed about the nature of their ailments and treatment modalities. We guide you through but pre and post treatment guidelines. This lets you relax and recoup better as you know what to expect.

A Wide Network
We have tied up with leading hospitals across Chennai and can get you the best packages. Based on your budget, we can recommend the right kind of medical care and other facilities. Right from low cost, medium-level to high end packages, we custom design your treatment packages based on your specifications, without compromising on your well being!!